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  • Did the much touted crucifixion of Robert Garrison actually take place on 3/31/13? Looked everywhere after I saw this this much touted act was to have taken place on 3/31/13,but not a word about what actually happened!
    • No...not as far as I can see as of 6-20-13 there seems to be no internet record of it even from the websites that promoted it. So if it did happen, no one seems to know about it. It seems to have all been a 'LA Hollywood' type publicity thing. According to the published promo...a Robert Garrison self proclaimed LA/ Hollywood 'masochist' (I like pain and torturing myself for crowds because I can't get movie parts?) was going to be crucified for real on the Christian Easter Sunday (3-31-13) and left hanging for 6 hours or something. The 'event' was apparently being promoted by FilmOnTV and and was to be filmed live by KILM LA (all according to the promo). I saw various prices mentioned on the net of $10 per view or subscriptions. But it turns out...FilmOn...Battleground...KILM are all the same thing....and KILM is not in LA but was a defunct TV station in the... Mojave Desert,,,, recently bought and re-lettered by FilmOn/ Battleground. In looking at the FilmOn/ Battleground website today (20th June) I saw no reference/ mention of the crucifixion ever taking place, nor does it appear in a web search taking place.
  • Braco resort Jamaica? Anyone out there stayed at Braco Resort in Jamaica ?? If so , just wondering if its possible to leave the resort for personal day trips ?? Are their taxis around ?
    • Well I can answer part of your questions. I have never stayed at Braco Resort. Had a look and notice Braco Beach Resort and Grand Lido Braco Resort and Braco Village Resort....not sure if these are all the same places, just different descriptions?? But..... I can comment on the second half.....'if its possible to leave the resort'.... YES. If this is the place, or if you are on the North Coast there are a few attractions you might like. Scratch that, no matter where you are on the island, there is always something to see and do. Be warned, some are very touristy, but you need to get out and about while in JA. This is the answer I have for the second part of your questions....YES IT IS SAFE TO LEAVE THE may be very well told by the resort staff that it isn't but this is not true. Yes there are parts of Jamaica that are not good, not nice, are violent and dangerous, but you are a tourist, there for fun and sun ....there is no need for you to be in those parts of the island that these things happen such as the Kingston garrisons or parts of Mobay. You will be in a place full of tourist and others like you who will be seeking some fun and something that is not on offer in their home country. Violence or 'bad' things are mostly and usually reserved for those that are there for unsavory will not, so you will be is just like our home countries/ that are okay and fine and safe...and others that we would not enter even during will be no where near these parts. You will have a few options for getting out and about to explore. There will be tours on offer by your resort. This is why they don't want you to go outside their stay with them, then you spend your money with them. You can catch a ride with one of the tours they offer, will very in price as to what you do and where, and you will be part of a group tour all from your resort or similar resorts close by. If you want something more intimate, you can ask around the staff and see who they know, other that would not be the front-end staff, they will always advocate the resort tours, but one of the bartenders that you might like or housekeeping, or grounds crew...all will know someone, somebody that has a private tour company and with that you can negotiate your own price and also what you do and see. As there will only be you and your traveling companions, it can be tailored made to you and your interests...but it will cost more then the group tour. The last option, especially for very local exploring would be to use the 'red plate' taxi system which is very cheap and easy enough but is used mainly by locals, not much by the regular tourist. Those tourists that have been going for years usually feel very comfortable using this system, others not so much. But, once you get to know a 'red plate' driver, you now have access to a local licensed private taxi. You can also ask around for recommendations from the locals working where you are staying, they will know a 'red plate' thing, be sure to won't be able to do that with restaurants/bars or at your resort, but with the outside vendors and drivers, you can and you just might have a much better time going with a local then a group of other tourists. This is the system, red plate taxis, widely used around the island, although there are some local bus routes in Kingston and Mobay, but I won't use them. I would strongly suggest that using the local system is left to the locals and using a private red plate is your best option, especially if you just want to explore at random...hire a driver. Be smart about going out. Don't over-indulge, don't flash the cash, keep the 'big up' talk down, leave the expensive jewelery at home, don't bring anyone back to your room, be vague about where you are staying with most casual meetings...and if you go out at night, arrange for a private driver to pick you up and drop you off and then pick you up again when you are done....he will make sure you are safe and get home after a night of drinking safe and sound.... It is very easy to become 'comfortable' in Jamaica and forget that it is a developing country with some very real problems affecting the locals. Most will want to be your friend, get to know you, want to help you have a good time, but of course, there is always that one person that will ruin it all by trying to take advantage. The locals are well aware that the whole country depends on your tourist dollar...try to spread it around if you can which means engaging with the locals, spending your money with the locals and not your resort, and ensure as much as you can that the local economy is supported by tourists going to the small locally owned shops, restaurants, bars, and other places.
  • Looking for a family friendly development in Lower Mainland Burnaby to Chilliwack with high walkability? Hi there, We are looking to see if there are more neighbourhood developments similar to Garrison Crossing but closer to Vancouver. We like the density, front porches, walkable to parks,rec center, swimming, schools, and shopping but want to be closer to the Port Man bridge. Not looking for broad city names but rather actual housing developments within any of the cities. We are specifically interested in develpoments where architecture supports a high level of community.... sometimes called "pocket neighbourhoods". Thanks.
    • If you're in the market to buy, I highly recommend finding yourself a real estate agent. I suggest interviewing a few before picking one. Also, read over any buyer's agency agreements so you don't end up going "Oh i didn't read it" if you try to back out. Don't feel pressured to go with the first agent you meet. You need to find someone you trust, have good rapport with, communicate well with, can imagine spending months with (because it could be a long process!). An agent costs you nothing as it's the seller who pays agent fees. Before you even start shopping, I suggest getting pre-approved for a mortgage first so you know what price range to shop in.
  • what is the name of this film? The film is about a young lad who makes a wish to a devil or it was some sort of creature to be good looking i think cant quite remember but anyways he does it to impress a girl but she already likes him for who he is and he wants to reverse the wish because it caused some sort of problem. Later on i think his friend makes the wish too and he has to reverse it for him as well but in the end he reverses the wish and i think gets the girl he likes. I know the info is vague and not that helpful but the film is not bedazzled though.
    • Hunk (1987) ? Wikipedia synopsis: Bradley Brinkman (Steve Levitt) is a nerd who has a hard time, working as a computer programmer, after his girlfriend dumps him for her Aerobics instructor. He can't get along at work, in a crowd, or find love; but, he strikes up a deal with Dr. D (who happens to be the devil himself), (James Coco). If he serves the devil, he gets to be the "hunk" he always wanted to be, able to get any woman he wants. The price is that he becomes a servant of the devil and spreads evil, terror and death throughout eternity. But, the voluptuous devil's agent O'Brien, (Deborah Shelton), gives Bradley a trial offer. He gets to live as Hunk Golden, (John Allen Nelson), a stud who has the perfect tanned body and he can eat a lot without gaining weight, drink without getting drunk, cavity proof teeth, etc., until Labor Day, when he has to finalize the deal. Bradley/ Hunk seeks help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Sunny Graves (Rebeccah Bush), to try and save his old soul and body. After Bradley/ Hunk rescues TV host Garrison Gaylord, (Robert Morse), and it's caught on film by his TV Director, (J. Jay Saunders), Hunk becomes a celebrity. He has everything he ever dreamed of, and more. He now has it all, but he soon grows tired of the fame. He learns that all deals come with a price, and that being famous is not actually as glamorous and great as the fantasy once seemed to be. But, Bradley/ Hunk is afraid that going back to being just Bradley may lose him all this, and his new girlfriend. Unbeknownst to himself, his girlfriend also has a deal with the devil, and is in trouble herself, if Bradley/ Hunk does not go through with the deal.
  • hud house bid help on price? I would like to buy 5260 Garrison St Arvada, CO 80002 its a hud house. They want 99000 for it and no one seems to no if it is a decent price. The place does need carpet appliances and paint. I was wondering how i can find out what the place is worth so i can make a bid. thank you
    • Do not rely on Zillow for reliable information on value. You need to look at comparable properties that have sold in the past few months to form your offer.
  • FML
    how much can I sell my old car for? I have a 94 Volvo 850 that I cant afford to maintain by myself (19 in college). My question is at what is the highest price I can sell for, I think 500 is a descent price as the car just needs minor work and runs fairly well. The car has a few nicks and scratches in the paint job, the interior is slightly garrisoned and the windshield has a crack in it. My second question is should I fix the windshield to increase value of the car or am I in over my head with asking for 500 im new to this sort of thing please help.
    • Look at car ads... at todays car prices if it runs you can get at least $1500 for them.. so for a 94 I'd start at least $2000, maybe a little higher. A junk yard will pay you $300 to $600 for the car so if all I wanted is $500 I'd call them and the car will be gone without dealing with it anymore. (and most likely they will pick it up)
  • Accounting Questions? True/False 1.In valuing damaged merchandise for inventory purposes, net realizable value is the estimated selling price less any direct costs. 2.During deflationary periods, the use of the LIFO method of costing inventory will result in a lower amount of current assets than would result from the use of the FIFO method. 3.Under the periodic inventory system, the merchandise inventory account continuously discloses the amount of inventory on hand. Multi-Choice 1.The Boxwood Company sells blankets for $60 each. The following was taken from the inventory records during May May 3 Purchase 5 $30 May 10 Sale 3 May 17 Purchase 10 $34 May 20 Sale 6 May 23 Sale 3 May 30 Purchase 10 $40 -*-Assuming that the company uses the perpetual inventory system, determine the gross profit for the sale of May 23 using the FIFO inventory cost method. -a.$78 -b.$102 -c.$90 -d.$180 2. (Same Chart as Above) Assuming that the company uses the perpetual inventory system, determine the ending inventory for the month of May using the average inventory cost method. -a.$452 -b.$450 -c.$500 -d.$502 3.Garrison Company uses the retail method of inventory costing. They started the year with an inventory that had a retail cost of $45,000. During the year they purchased an inventory with a retail cost of $300,000. After performing a physical inventory, they calculated their inventory at $80,000. The mark up is 100% of cost. Determine the ending inventory at its estimated cost. -a.$80,000 -b.$45,000 -c.$160,000 -d.$40,000 4.During the taking of its physical inventory on December 31, 2010, Barry’s Bike Shop incorrectly counted its inventory as $270,000 instead of the correct amount of $190,000. The effect on the balance sheet and income statement would be as follows: -a.assets overstated by $80,000;retained earnings understated by $80,000; net income statement understated by $80,000. -b.assets and retained earnings overstated by $80,000; net income understated by $80,000. -c.assets overstated by $80,000;retained earnings understated by $80,000; no effect on the income statement. -d.assets and retained earnings overstated by $80,000; net income overstated by $80,000;.
    • True/False 1. T 2. F 3. F Multiple Choice 1. A $78 2. C $500 3. D $40,000 4. D assets and retained earnings overstated by $80,000; net income overstated by $80,000;.
  • help. is this possible, TEN POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!!!? ok so there was i car on craigslist and the seller sent me an email. DO you guys thing its possible or is it fraudulent. Hello there , The 2006 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer/King Ranch is still for sale . The SUV is very clean inside and out. No dents, dings or accidents on this baby. The tires are about 60% tread life. AC blows ICE COLD as well. The engine on this vehicle is running properly . All power equipment is functioning properly. Number Of Owners:1 ,Mileage: 127,981, Automatic Transmission , Interior Color: Tan, Drivetrain:4X4. Title: Clear . I bought the SUV when I was serving in U.S. Army Garrison Miami,an U.S. Army base from FL . If you want to see more pics with my SUV please visit this website : 2006FORDEXPEDITION(dot)PAGE(dot)TL -replace (dot) with . Price was reduced to $3,700.00 (URGENT SALE) as I need to sell this vehicle in two weeks because I will leave with other troops in Afghanistan . In order to sell my SUV , the financial part will be handled by Yahoo Services. This service was made only for US ARMY members ! You will have 48 hours available for any inspection of this SUV . In this way both of us will be 100% covered during the steps of this transaction. If you're really interested in buying my vehicle, make sure that you really have the cash available! If you are interested in buying it just mail me back with your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS and I will open a transaction with Yahoo and they will contact and will explain you the steps of this transaction. I wish that I could arrange the details of this transaction over the phone but right now I`m in a military base, getting ready for Afghanistan and for this reason I will not have access to the phone for the next 2 weeks. Thanks, hope to do business with you soon!
    • I will sell you the exact same car for $2,500. Just western union me the money with your address and I will ship it right out to you, satisfaction guaranteed! You wouldn't really send me the money, would you? So why would you even consider it if it is posted on craigslist?
  • South Korea Announces, Then Cancels New Military Drill. Your thoughts? South Korean forces announced - but then called off - a second round of live fire exercises on Yeonpyeong island - that would have repeated the drill that sparked a fatal artillery barrage on the island from North Korea last week. Residents of the island had been warned by loudspeakers to take shelter in bunkers beginning Tuesday morning. But military officials said late Monday the drill has been canceled. They offered no explanation. Tensions already are running high as U.S. and South Korean naval vessels conduct exercises in nearby waters in the Yellow Sea. Earlier Monday, President Lee Myung-bak apologized to the nation for the weak response to the North Korean attack and promised Pyongyang will "pay a dear price" if it attacks again. North Korea says it attacked the island, killing two soldiers and two civilians, because the South ignored its warning not to fire into disputed waters around the island. It says any further such provocation will be met with a "merciless" attack. Last week's attack, involving more than 100 artillery shells, also wounded 18 people and destroyed numerous buildings on the island, which lies just 12 kilometers off the North Korean coast. The South fired about 80 artillery rounds and scrambled jet fighters in response. However South Korea's opposition parties and public have been demanding a tougher response. The South already has reinforced its garrisons on Yeonpyeong and four other islands and rewritten its rules of engagement to permit a more robust reply to future attacks. China, facing intense international pressure to rein in its allies in Pyongyang, called for on Sunday an emergency meeting of the six nations that have been trying to negotiate an end to North Korea's nuclear programs. South Korea and the United States have said they are studying the proposal but say they are reluctant to reward North Korea for bad behavior.
    • I think south korea is trying to show it is willing to make things work but if NK keeps making threats of destruction then it only makes sense to prepare or do military exercises or flex our muscles to tell them to back off.
  • Calculating equilibrium price and quantity? Suppose that the demand and supply functions for Garrison Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers are: Qd=105-5p Qs=15+5p a) What are the equilibrium price and quantity? (1 mark) b) What is the market outcome if price is $8? What do you expect to happen and why?
    • A. 105-5p=15+5p p=90/10=9 Qd=Qs=105-45=15+45=60. B. Qd=105-40=65 Qs=15+40=55 Shortage=65-55=10
Bean me up Scottie!
Free coffee and cookies. Come get some
Don't vote for Jen, vote for Steve!
Relax in front of your fireplace in winter, and enjoy the Owings Mills Mall and close proximity of the Metro all year long.
The bartender here is awesome:)
Finally has self check out finished renovation
Slowest Giant - never enough cashiers
the buffalo chicken pizza is the best! Tony and the crew are amazing!
Margarita pizza is excellent. Best pizza place in the baltimore area!!!

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