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0.19 USD (1 kWh)
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Chanel No. 5
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new Mini Cooper One
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  • How to get rid of kitty litter smell? I just got a kitten and I chnage her litter every 2nd day but I want to know how to get rid of the stinky smell
    • The best cat little I can find is Tidy Cats with the tight clumps. I use either the glade smelling one or the 24 hour performance. They both work great. Also petsmart usually has the best prices on it. Also arm and hammer makes a cat litter deodorizer that works great. You coat the bottom of the litter box with it and then sprinkle some on top of litter. I keep my cats little box in the bathroom and one of other thing I use to make the smell non existent is I put a air freshener in there. I use the glade plugins and they work great. Just make sure the air freshener is not right at the litter box because it may irritate the cats.
  • The Hunger Games vs The Maze Runner!? The Hunger Games! - Katniss Everdeen is the Narrator (16 years old) She lives in Panem, which is a corrupt and evil government/country composed of 13 districts. Every year 1 boy and 1 girl out of every district is randomly picked to be Taken to the Hunger games. Only 1 person can survive out of 24. The Capital rules over all districts and makes the freakiest muttations and sends them to the Hunger games to make the games "Funner to watch". 2 people win the Games instead of 1, which is considered defiling the Capital. Soon their are uprisings, and the Capital is in danger of being overthrown. Freedom has a price though, and it seems that it will come with freaky muttations,war, and torture. The Maze Runner! - Thomas is the narrator (16 years old) He lives on Earth, but soon discovers that it is doomed and freakishly perishing. He one day wakes up, surrounded by other teen age boys, who all one day just like him arrived to the same place, all not remembering their previous lives. They live in the Glade, an area in the Jungle, that is surrounded by walls that are gigantic. The walls are hundreds of feet tall if im correct, and are covered in jungle vines. The Walls being huge are impressive, although have a purpose. Every morning and daytime they are opened and you can go to the jungle..... But every night, they close, and whether you can go out into the jungle, is a different story..... The jungle surrounding the Glade, is actually a giant maze. They are forever trapped in that horrible place, which is full of monsters called the Grievers...... In order to escape the Maze, they have to learn how it works.. The walls surrounding the Glade move, but the Maze is also filled with walls, that move every day. They must chart the walls, learn the patterns, and escape.... Soon, the first girl ever arrives at the maze, Thomas feels a connection to her, and she soon starts delivering messages, such as "Thomas, I just triggered the ending"...... Everyone was brought to the Glade/Maze for a reason, and they soon realize why they were brought their. And who it was. So which is better? Best answer gets picked!
    • Okay..i have read both of those books and you can NOT force me to choose just one!
  • Aim
    Anyone or any ideas ?? Glade, Febreeze, whatever ?? Does anyone know if those Battery operated Glade scent sensors or whatever they are that go off every 15-20 minutes or so, actually work or is it just a waste of $$ ?? I need 1 or 2 for my hallway I live in a double house & my neighbors smoke in the hallway which the landlord don't seem to care about if she's collecting her rent but I'm not a smoker & disgusting walking right into it or it coming in my house. I've tried to also talk to them several times about it but it works for a few wks. then starts again. They have little kids so would rather sit in the hallway then stay in their house with it. I can see with the kids but you have neighbors that don't smoke to that you should have some respect for as well. Thanks & no negative needed.
    • I am a smoker but will smoke on balcony during the day and in closed bathroom at night. I have the glade dispenser. Yes it works real well, it does not smell in the bathroom, daughter quit smoking and tells me it does not smell. I smoke in there because of the grandkids. Buy the off brand from WM it is almost half price and fit the dispenser.( $2.77 )verses $4.77 I stay away from others when I smoke.
  • Any good hotels in the Miami Lakes, Pembroke Pines or Miramar, Fl? I'm trying to find a good priced hotel in those 3 areas for a 3 day vacation. I've looked, but most are about $100-$150 each. Any good ones under $80 a night?
    • Hotel Roma Golden Glades Resort Nw 12th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL |1-866-599-6674
  • Is it wrong to re sell crackers I bought off a bum? I bought a over 450 packets of crackers from a bum under the bridge for a bargain price. As it was a good investment, I plan to double what I paid and buy myself a T-shirt. They smell a little like BO, do you guys know how to make them smell more fresh? Jason - the Cracker Master... Tell me more!
    • I have done this before, you need to find another bum and buy the Febreeze (odor remover) from him. Glade Air freshener may work as well. Spray the crackers down with a misting action, don't go too heavy. You could get some Diaper Geines and put the crackers in there until ready to re-sell. Peace
  • Business Law questions? 3. The payment of Brian's debt to Chuck is guaranteed by Brian's personal property. This is A) a reorganization B) a secured transaction C) a suretyship agreement D) a violation of most state's laws 4. The payment of Frida's debt to Gianni is guaranteed by Frida's personal property. Gianni is A) a debtor B) a secured party C) a secured transaction D) a guarantor 5. The payment of Eden's debt to Flem is guaranteed by Eden's personal property. This property is A) a secured property B) a secured transaction C) a purchase money security interest(PMSI) D) collateral 6. The payment of Hugh's debt to Ian is guaranteed by Hugh's personal property. To give public notice of his interest in Hugh's property, Ian is most likely to A) attach a bright blue label to Hugh's property B) email other potential creditors C) file a financing statement with the appropriate government authority D) record a mortgage in the county clerks office 7. Rich Financial Inc. files a financing statement regarding a transaction with Supreme Business Company. To be valid, the financing statement must contain all of the following except A) a description of the collateral B) a statement of the purpose for the transaction C) Rich's full company name D) Standard's full company name 8. The payment of Nero's debt to Olly is guaranteed by Nero's personal property. Nero is located in Pennsylvania. Olly communicates to the appropriate state official a security agreement and financing statement that uses only Quality Engineering, the trade name of Nero's business. To perfect Olly's interest, this is A) irrelevant B) not sufficient C) sufficient if Quality Engineering is a sole proprietorship D) sufficient if the trade name is spelled correctly or misspelled slightly 9. Select Furniture Store sells household consumer goods. To create a purchase money security interest, Select Furniture must A) assign to a collecting agent a portion of its account payable B) assign to a collecting agent a portion of its account receivable C) extend credit for part or all of the purchase price of the goods D) refer purchasers to a third party lender 10. Everyday Loans, Inc. takes possession of Fergie's stock in Glade Electronics Corporation to perfect Everyday's security interest in the stock. This is A) after-acquired property security B) a pledge C) a purchase money security interest D) illegal 11. Prime Property Investments Inc. files a financing statement to provide notice of its security interest in the property of Qwick Breakfast Restaurant. The initial effective term of a financing statement is a period of A) one year B) two years C) three years D) five years 12. Middling Credit Corporation asks Little Supply Company to agree to a security agreement that provides for coverage of the proceeds from the sale of after-acquired property. This is A) a floating lien B) not allowed under the UCC C) a funds guarantee D) perfection at its best 13. Quotient Financial Corporation is a secured party with a security interest in property owned by Retail Sales Company. Perfection of this security interest may not protect Quotient Financial against the claim of A) a bank B) a buyer in the ordinary course of business C) a subsequent lien creditor D) an attorney 14. The payment of Jose's debt to Klint is guaranteed by Jose's personal property. The process by which Klint can protect himself against the claims of third parties to this property is A) attachment B) communication C) perfection D) search and seizure
    • LOL you seriously want someone else to take your quiz for you???
  • where should i go skiing this friday? Wildcat- $40 Black- $24 Abram- $39 Sunday River- $52 I do about 40% groomers 40% bumps/glades and 20% park.
    • Abram's is out, since they don't really have much for groomers or park. Black doesn't really have a park, that I could see, but I hear they got good trails and look at that price! Wildcat is good. I was just over there yesterday. Great place. Definitely keep that high on the list. Sunday River seems good. If you want to spend more time on groomers or in the park, go to Sunday River. If your looking more towards bumps and groomers, go to Wildcat. If you want cheap, old style NE skiing that isn't necessarily that challenging, go to Black. If you want ungroomed powder (Snow Wednesday?!) go to Abram.
  • why is the price of gas so high? I would like to know why the price of gas has almost doubled in his first term of office? Those of us that have to drive long ways work, can,t afford to even work. My wife had a 90 mile around trip to work every day, but had to retire from the cost of gas. My sure glade I,m 71 years old an retired. jimmyd
    • The president actually has little/nothing to do with gas prices. The US has the cheapest price of fuel in the world. Enjoy it while you can, it is not going to last much longer. and heres why. Currently the US dollar is the world reserve. Example: If Germany wants to purchase fuel from Saudi Arabia, Germany has to convert its money into US dollars before its purchase. This is good for us Americans but not so much for anyone else. The US is in copious amounts of debt and the US is the only country that has the ability to just make more of its own money on the printing press. Foreign country's are starting to realize this and are starting to not have faith in the dollars worth and are backing out. The dollars exchange rate is dropping and foreign country's no longer want to be stuck with useless US dollars. (If you travel abroad today, not many places accept the US dollar, when previously they would have greatly taken it without exchanging) The US dollar will soon no longer be the world reserve currency, and Americans are going to feel this pain. Prices are going to sky rocket on EVERYTHING. The leading foreign governments had a secret meeting without the US government knowledge. This meeting was to come up with a universal currency and yada yada. In the end, enjoy the cheap prices now.
  • Will these skis work for me? Advice please......? Hey everyone, So I'm 5 feet, 5 inches and I began this season skiing on 170 cm skis, which were WAY too long, so I was looking around for new skis and found this killer deal on some Black Diamond Stigmas. However, they are back-country skis and a tiny bit too short (They are 158 cm, when I really should be skiing on 162). However, I really like these and I can't find any others in my price range around here (and don't really have time to look). Will these skis work for me? What would be the disadvantages/advantages of me skiing on slightly short, back-country skis? PS I am an all-mountain skier. I like the occasional glade or mogul trail, but I spend most of my time on groomed slopes. I ski the East too, so, while I LOVE powder, there's not a whole lot of it. THANK YOU!!!
    • Why are you looking to buy BD skis for eastern resort skiing? I don't know that particular ski but most black diamonds have either a really soft tip or an early rise tip so the ski will handle even shorter than it's actual size so going almost two inches shorter is probably not a good ideal. I don't know your priceline but you can get a really good new dynastar exclusive eden with bindings for under $400 on ebay. That's a perfect ski for light powder and groomed trails and it would be a better ski in a shorter length then a touring ski
  • The price of Glade shake and vax? Does anyone know the average price of glade shake and vax?
    • Hi, it's £1.38 in Tesco at the moment, looks like they've added some new fragrances to the range.
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