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Prices in Jeddah
#978 of 1788 cheapest cities in the world (data confidence score: 40%)
Category price index in Jeddah
Health care


0.60 - 15.00 SAR (1 l)
(0.16 - 4.00 USD)
Answers: 5 Confidence: 60%

Taxi ride
10.00 - 15.00 SAR (1 km)
(2.67 - 4.00 USD)
Answers: 5 Confidence: 27%

*** Hotel night
1800.00 SAR (24 h)
(479.94 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

Car rent
120.00 SAR (24 h)
(32.00 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 50%

** Hotel night
75.00 SAR (24 h)
(20.00 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 33%

**** Hotel night
4500.00 SAR (24 h)
(1199.84 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 67%

4.00 - 5.00 SAR (1 kg)
(1.07 - 1.33 USD)
Answers: 7 Confidence: 24%

0.50 SAR (1 pc)
(0.13 USD)
Answers: 7 Confidence: 57%

10.00 - 50.00 SAR (1 pc)
(2.67 - 13.33 USD)
Answers: 5 Confidence: 27%

2.00 SAR (1 kg)
(0.53 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 33%

10.00 SAR (1 kg)
(2.67 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 22%

Big Mac
20.00 SAR (1 pc)
(5.33 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

3.00 SAR (1 kg)
(0.80 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 50%

quick Lunch
4.00 SAR (1 pc)
(1.07 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 0%

10.00 SAR (0.50 l)
(2.67 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 44%

1.50 SAR (0.33 l)
(0.40 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 78%

Bottle of water
1.00 SAR (0.50 l)
(0.27 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

Starbucks Grand Latte
2.00 SAR (1 pc)
(0.53 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 33%

Beer 6 pack
Answers: 0
Health care

10.00 - 12.00 SAR (1 pc)
(2.67 - 3.20 USD)
Answers: 5 Confidence: 27%

15.00 SAR (1 pack)
(4.00 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 17%

PlayStation 3
1000.00 - 1700.00 SAR (1 pc)
(266.63 - 453.27 USD)
Answers: 10 Confidence: 50%

Chanel No. 5
200.00 SAR (50 ml)
(53.33 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 33%

8.00 SAR (1 pack)
(2.13 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

new Mini Cooper One
0.00 SAR (1 pc)
(0.00 USD)
Answers: 0 Confidence: 0%
  • is it enough 5000 Saudi riyal to live a couple there?compny dozent pay anything expect medical? please give me full details about cost of living.... if its is in jeddah and if it is in Riyadh ... to finanace a car and live pay rent apartment an all
    • By receiving SAR 5K only I highly doubt your profession/profession stated in the iqama will entitle you to receive family status. Every reputated bank will approve a bank loan to finance a car only depending on price of the car, down payment, SAR 5K ./. rent ./. living expenses. You do the maths.
  • me
    What is the cheapest, safe way to get my car shipped from Jeddah to Abha? I want to have my car shipped via truck from Jeddah to Abha. I contacted several companies, and only one replied back to me, and said that it would cost 1800 Riyals. Someone in this area told me that it should cost 300-400 Riyals, but I haven't found a provider at that price. For 1800, I would just as soon fly there and drive the car myself, but that would waste a day. Where can I find a company that would ship the car affordably?
    • Its better to go for an auto transport company then to drive yourself. Driving yourself leads to wear and tear of your cars tire and engine and if you add up the fuel and other cost it will go more than affording an auto transporter. Go online and research for auto trasport conpanies, visit their website and request for a free quote. Get quotes from multiple companies and compare it to have the best one you can afford. But before you decide check out the companies reviews and reputation.
  • Can I get 3 weeks UMRAH 2014 VISA from UK on British Passport? I have booked really good price airline flights from UK to Jeddah with Saudi Arabia Airline for 3 weeks and now I am worried Please help And confirm if it's possible to stay in Saudi Arabia on UMRAH 2014 VISA FOR 3 WEEKS
    • What does the visa say..... you have the visa don't you ?? all advice for all visa/flights is do not book (or at least confirm) a flight untill you have the visa in your hand BUT see the Saudi website.. it is very very very clear - US based Saudi website "Umrah visas are valid for 15 days " I doubt that the UK one will be different - for Umrah purposes. . And Saudi Airlines says the same "Validity of Umrah Visa: Umrah visa is valid for 2 weeks only. Within these 2 weeks you should perform Umrah, making sure your departure from Saudi Arabia is within two weeks of the date of entry." Edit: So that says 2 weeks doesn't it... If you want longer, you need to apply a general tourist visa and justify why you need longer.
  • I need some help for my future trip to Saudi Arabia? Salam/Hi, on December 2014. I'm willing to Saudi Arabia for a month. I'm a student and going to have a part time job in the summer of 2014 InshAllah anD I'll have about 5000$. I'd like to get some advices, tips, recommendations, and reviews. for example: the cheapest airplane ticket from canada to saudi arabia, the price of certain food, the price of a cheap hotel. Im willing to go to Jeddah, Al Madinah, and other most visited cities. I'll go there alone Or with a friend InShallah. Thank you, jazah kAllah kayr I'm a student in Canada, And I'm going to work this summer in Canada to save up. I'm not going to work there, I just want to visit that place.
    • Before you worry about all the mentioned, who will sponsor your visa??? Saudi Arabia doesn't issue tourist visas yet. You would need a family vist visa, business visa, Haj/Umrah visa or student visa. Also working in Saudi requires a sponsoring employer and work permit.
  • Can anyone help me get used cambridge IGCSE books Math 0607 & English 0510 In Jeddah? I am looking for used IGCSE books for Cambridge Math & English 0510 In jeddah or Madinah thanks
    • pay up the price difference you cheap bastardo kidding.. try at some local libraries in your area
  • Best store to buy games in Jeddah? with reasonable prices(180),also is GTA 5 out in Jeddah?
    • u can get from ps store for 60$= 240sr u wont get disc only download, its not good option if ur a collector of discs. its banned in ksa even its available in small local game stores prices maybe above 300sr. EDIT: has it.
  • cost of a trip to spain? i want to travel to spain at the end of this january. i will be traveling alone. i will be 17 by that time. i want to go to the best and most exciting city, yet with the cheapest prices. i want to go there from jeddah, saudi arabia. i want to spend 4 to 7 days there. i want to know how much it will cost, and places to visit, etc.
    • 1. Got a visa? Check with the Spanish Embassy. 2. You have to be over 18, unless you're visiting relatives or friends. No hotel will accept you alone being underage. 3. In 4 days you can't see much, two cities maximum and certainly you won't be able to see a lot of any of them
  • What's the price of Samsung Galaxy s4 in Saudi Arabia? in jeddah Somewhere it is 2200 and somewhere it is 2400
    • somewhere its 1999sr
  • Where can I learn Small Vehicle driving in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? I want to learn driving here in Jeddah, K.S.A. I have not any kind of experience about it. I can pay for it. Is there any institute available, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
    • Since you are in Jeddah, you can go to Dallah Institute. It is a little bit expensive, 5 days for 435 RS (I'm not sure if they change the price. I hope so) Here is Dallah website for more information There is another institute in Breeman District (in the North of Jeddah) I don't know their website. Try to practice before you go to any institute. Renting a small car in Jeddah would not cost more than $90 RS a day with free 200 KM. Find someone wants to learn and share the bill
  • where can i find a Razer Tournament edition Xbox 360 controller in jeddah? BTW if you could put a price tag i would like that
    • in jeddah you can find it maybe at a MeMega store, and in riyadh in a store called softland. The price is around $50.00

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