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#1972 of 1788 cheapest cities in the world (data confidence score: 100%)
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** Hotel night
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*** Hotel night
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**** Hotel night
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Car rent
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Taxi ride
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0.00 AUD (1 kg)
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quick Lunch
14.89 AUD (1 pc)
(14.98 USD)
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Big Mac
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5.30 AUD (0.50 l)
(5.33 USD)
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Beer 6 pack
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Bottle of water
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Starbucks Grand Latte
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Health care

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13.62 AUD (1 pack)
(13.70 USD)
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Chanel No. 5
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new Mini Cooper One
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PlayStation 3
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  • NEED HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE!? Helloo I have a school formal to go to this weekend and stupidly left bookings to the last minute. .. does anyone know of a good salon that does both hair and makeup for a good price/formals packages? I am in desparate need! Someone who can come to my house would be ideal but otherwise brisbane western suburbs around kenmore / indooroopilly. I would rather not venture into the city as larking is a pain! Thank you anyone and easy 10 points here!
    • hello dear, sorry that i don;t know the salon in your place, but i just order some wavy hair from the web, the hair is really good, no tangle, also no dry end, very soft and i have dyped it, the color looks great, if any chance you can buy from here:
  • How much does it cost..? Okay, so I watch this youtuber who lives in Australia (same as me) but he lives in Perth (Western Australia) and I live in Brisbane (Queensland) how much would it cost to send him mail? Like a parcel or a envelope?
    • If you just want to send an ordinary letter then the cost is 70 cents from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in Australia. You can check on prices at this Australia Post website -
  • I wanna run away from home so i can be a girl and no one can tell me otherwise? So I'm 15 and transgender and hate the situation i'm in. mum and step dad never let me wear my girls clothes and i'm still refered to as a boy. they're so strict at home coz i've had lots of suicide attempts and they hide my pills. they never let me be a girl coz my little brothers hate it and they are scared i'll get hurt if i be my true self. i'm really lonely and can't go anywhere so i can't meet a boyfriend/girlfriend. i hate life. i want to run away from home. i'm thinking of after school one day dropping my bag and just running and running away. i'll go wherever life takes me. i'll hitchhike as far away from my hometown as i can, maybe hitchhike to brisbane where my parents will never find me. what should i bring? i have no money, but even if i did it would run out. i want to bring at least one girl outfit and maybe some maps so i can find my way around. i'll have to change out of my school uniform so i won't be reckognised. what should i do? how will my new life be. at least it means i don't have to go to school. i hate school. everyone hates me and i have no friends who i see outside of school. when i run away how will i survive. i could always steal but then the police will get called and i'll get taken home. i was seriously considering prostitution. i'm 15 so its definately an option and if i set my prices low, any man who is into transgender girls will pay me. okay guys. what should i think, consider and do?
    • I seriously advice you look into supported housing before you do this. When I was 17 I ran away from home. I came out at 15 and I have gone through the same shit with family. It was dreadful but I made sure I had somewhere to go prior. Find a hostel anything. You have internet access so look around and find out what infrastructure is in place for youths like you in your area. I have never been on the street myself but I think I can say it isn't a nice place to live, plus you don't want to get into a life of prostitution. Seriously, before you run away make sure you have somewhere to go.
  • Flying Alone Dunno what to do? so im 13 and I have to fly from London to Brisbane in Australia in couple weeks its a very long flight and I don't know what to bring? someone is meant to take me to each plane on the way, but I don't know what is should bring or do, it is my very first flight on my own. Thanks Guys Really Helped :)
    • Hopefully you'll be able to sleep or watch movies on the plane but I recommend bring music (e.g. iPod), headphones, a portable gaming device (so your phone, iPad, DS, PSP, whatever you have), books, magazines, a notepad (with pencils, pens etc), puzzle books (e.g. crossword, suduku etc.) and anything that is portable that you enjoy doing at home. You may also want to bring a few snacks (food on aeroplanes is often over priced and not very tasty) but make sure you're careful with what you bring as Australia has very strict policies (e.g. no nuts, fruits, meat etc.) Also, planes can get cold so you may want to bring a blanket and a cosy pair of socks. Always make sure that anything electronic is fully charged before you leave and bring spare batteries if you can.
  • TRAVEL HELP????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I was checking out this website and they do europe tours its called expat explore, one of the tours I was looking at departs from London... I live in Brisbane, Australia so is it a good idea to book the tour and fly over to london for the tour or is this particular website meant for UK residents??? Also is this a trust worthy site?
    • The 10 day tour sounds as a better option, sice it includes Italy too. Although the itinerary is not clearly stated and what the highlights of the daily visits will be, the fact that you will be on a guided tour has the advantage of at least having things explained to you. I think that if you are satisfied with what they offer and you can afford their prices, it is a good experience.
  • I have a 13 hour stopover in Brisbane, should I get a hotel? Im goin to be flying from the UK to New Zealand and I'll have a lovely 13 hour stopover in Brisbane.. Im just wondering if I should book into a nearby hotel for the night as apposed t waiting it out in the airport - i arrive at 9pm and leave in the morning, I'll also have been on two flights and travelling for 20+hrs by that point. Also not sure on ruling of leaving the airport on stopovers? Advice please!
    • It looks like you'll have to get an eVisitor permit since your stopover is more than 8 hours. That lets you enter Australia so you might as well get a hotel so you can clean up and get a decent meal. See the link below for info on eVisitor. The price appears to be £0. What a deal.
  • How much was the Paramore merch at the Brisbane show? How much was the merch at the Brisbane Paramore concert on Thursday 9th of Jan? I need to know how much the hoodies, t-shirts and 'battle flag' cost so I know how much money to take. Thanks :)
    • $45 for shirts, not sure if they had hoodies, $5 for wristbands. Unsure if they had the flag or not. Honestly the prices in Australia are insanely high, and they often don't even bring out their decent merch.
  • E
    Budget for 6 weeks in Australia? Hi guys, I need some advice as I've heard mixed answers about money in Australia. Some say its super expensive and impossible to do for less than £4,000 a month and others say its easy peasy to do it on a budget. I'm arriving in Sydney in April and travelling up the E.Coast and down through the outback to Melbourne. I'm planning on buying a 5,000 km Greyhound coach pass which is £450 - to get me from Sydney to Brisbane (as there's lots along here to hop off and see) then as there isn't much between Brisbane and Townsville I will get a flight which is £75ish. From there I'll get back on a coach up to Cairns then fly across to Darwin (flight costs £95) and then use Greyhound down to Melbourne. So travel in total will come to about £550ish. Then I worked out that on average hostels are around £15 per night for this time of year and if you are so if I stay in a hostel every night for 6 weeks thats about £650. Some nights I'm going to try and couchsurf it. Then food I will be buying and cooking myself which will be relatively cheap so all that's left to pay for after travel expenses and accommodation is food and activities ... do you guys think that £1,500 will be enough? (just for food and activities) I'm not going to be doing things like the Sydney Bridge Climb etc and if need be I can cut my trip down to one month (I have a flexi flight pass that I already paid for). Thoughts? Thank you in advance :)
    • Well you've got the websites no doubt for transport. Airlines you will need to book well ahead. That sounds like the special / sales price not the regular which is more expensive. Did you add in baggage fro them... Your accommodation is under by probably half. Double the per night to be more realistic. For food allow AT LEAST $10 per meal per day (so $30 per day as an asolute minimum) Whilst you may not want to go on everything, you will want to go out on the Great Barrier Reef or other day tour or learn to surf or stuff like that. Allowanother $50 -$100 per day
  • Tafe vs flight centre? Hi, I'm wanting to go into study and do Tourism, but am not too sure which one I like more, and want to know other people's opinion on these 2 courses, being the TAFE cert 3 in Tourism (Takes 3 months in class) or the flight centre travel academy (takes 2 weeks in class) which gives a cert 2 in Tourism. Both cost roughly $500 so price isn't the concern. If you have experience in one, or both whats your opinion? I cant find any reviews on the FC Travel academy outside of the flight centre website. Thanks in advance :)
    • As the question states, I'm not sure which one to go into. TAFE (Wollongbar) will give a cert 3 in tourism and take 6 months face to face, and the flight centre travel academy will give a cert 2 in tourism, studying online and 2 weeks face to face in Brisbane, both cost roughly $600.
  • where are the best vocal lessons in brisbane? i am thinking of doing vocal lessons in brisbane since i am moving there just after christmass and i want to know where to get the best vocal lessons, price does not matter at all i just want the best place so please please please help me. i have not found my genre yet because i can do many of them.
Mayor has aight feet.
Mayor has aight feet.
Try fish & chips
I go for the avocado, tomato, basil and fetta on Turkish toast + a side of bacon - natch!
Delish lunch at Metropolitan Motor Inn's Alexander's Restaurant. Lamb Backstrap, yum!
Try not to step in the vomit
The Bondi Chai is YUMMY!!
Used to be great but really gone downhill - over priced salads, usually with hair in them! Yuck!
Best coffee in Spring Hill
Worst car park ever!

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