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Prices in Tirana
#784 of 1788 cheapest cities in the world (data confidence score: 38%)
Category price index in Tirana
Health care


Car rent
5000.00 ALL (24 h)
(46.49 USD)
Answers: 4 Confidence: 67%

180.00 ALL (1 l)
(1.67 USD)
Answers: 4 Confidence: 42%

Taxi ride
300.00 ALL (1 km)
(2.79 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 33%

** Hotel night
6000.00 ALL (24 h)
(55.78 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 67%

**** Hotel night
12000.00 ALL (24 h)
(111.57 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 67%

*** Hotel night
9000.00 ALL (24 h)
(83.67 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 67%

100.00 - 500.00 ALL (1 pc)
(0.93 - 4.65 USD)
Answers: 7 Confidence: 33%

120.00 - 140.00 ALL (1 kg)
(1.12 - 1.30 USD)
Answers: 5 Confidence: 33%

20.00 ALL (1 pc)
(0.19 USD)
Answers: 4 Confidence: 33%

170.00 ALL (1 kg)
(1.58 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 33%

Big Mac
300.00 ALL (1 pc)
(2.79 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

80.00 ALL (1 kg)
(0.74 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

140.00 ALL (1 kg)
(1.30 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

quick Lunch
800.00 ALL (1 pc)
(7.44 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 33%

Bottle of water
30.00 - 50.00 ALL (0.50 l)
(0.28 - 0.46 USD)
Answers: 8 Confidence: 29%

50.00 - 60.00 ALL (0.33 l)
(0.46 - 0.56 USD)
Answers: 8 Confidence: 38%

150.00 ALL (0.50 l)
(1.39 USD)
Answers: 4 Confidence: 33%

Beer 6 pack
600.00 ALL (1 pack)
(5.58 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

Starbucks Grand Latte
250.00 ALL (1 pc)
(2.32 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%
Health care

30.00 ALL (1 pack)
(0.28 USD)
Answers: 2 Confidence: 33%

20.00 ALL (1 pc)
(0.19 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 33%

230.00 ALL (1 pack)
(2.14 USD)
Answers: 3 Confidence: 33%

Chanel No. 5
6000.00 ALL (50 ml)
(55.78 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 67%

PlayStation 3
280.00 ALL (1 pc)
(2.60 USD)
Answers: 1 Confidence: 0%

new Mini Cooper One
Answers: 0
  • How much will cost the trip Skopje-Belgrade-Skopje with a diesel car including tolls? I need a price for travelling from Skopje to Belgrade and back to Skopje with a diesel car Renault Clio. So, I need a cost (price) for tolls and diesel. I'm from Macedonia. EUR/L costs 1.17 euro.
    • The distance is 436,9 km straight for me from tirana to prishtina is 35 euros with a 1.6 diesel opel vectra so for you it should be around 75 euros!! choose the road with a gps because it calculates the best routes!
  • Europe: has anyone ever been to Tirana, Chisinau/Kishinev or Sarajevo? What are prices like in each place? I have travel costs and hotel costs but wondering about eating out, taxis, nightlife, pubs etc? I've been in eastern and southeastern Europe quite a lot over the years but never to Albania, Bosnia or Moldova. Thanks.
    • I was in Tirana and Saranda last July. Beers are $2, hotels are between 30 to 50 Euros a night, and decent meals run around $4 to $10. Tirana is a PARTY place, sort of like Tijuana but with white people.
  • Does anybody know where I can buy a jacket like this? They aren't that popular, but does anybody know where I can buy a jacket with an attached hood to make it seem like there is hoodie jacket underneath? It is similar to the one in this picture linked below, but it is just a hood attached to the outer jacket, rather than wearing two separate ones. Any brand names would be great too. Thanks
  • it is good country to visit albania? what will be the expence to stay for 4 days
    • Albania is a beautiful country and number 1 Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries for 2011. However it can be an intimidating country to visit if you’re a woman or man on their own, so I suggest you go with a friend or family member. The most dangerous aspect of Albania is the reckless driving and the generally poor condition of the roads. Additionally, sporadic electricity shortages sometimes result in blackouts affecting road lighting and traffic signals. Street crime is fairly common in urban areas, particularly at night, and vehicle theft is also a major issue. Caution should be exercised in Tirana bars, as violent incidents involving the use of firearms have occurred in the recent past, particularly in the early morning hours. Organized crime remains a serious problem in Albania, but the violence related to it rarely affects the international community. Healthcare is a serious problem in Albania, and medical care beyond first aid is limited. Individuals under continuing medical supervision should consult their physician prior to travel. Individuals should use normal security precautions which include maintaining a low profile, being aware of surroundings, and traveling groups whenever possible. Visitors are advised to not resist and to comply with demands if confronted by assailants. Individuals are also encouraged to avoid traveling at night between cities because of the risk of automobile accidents, and to avoid any demonstration or protest activity. Tips: ALWAYS negotiate a price BEFORE you get in a taxi. Taxis in Albania do not have meters installed, so the price will vary depending on your negotiation skills & naturally the distance to be travelled. NEVER make public the place where you hold your wallet. Especially be careful on Public Buses. Pick-pockets are skilful, just like anywhere in the world. Wherever you are: AVOID staring Albanian males. Prolonged eye contact is offensive for Albanians, and in many cases has been a cause for fights.
  • Why does it cost so much to fly from Tirana, Albania to Stuttgart, West Germany? I can fly from Los Angeles, USA to Tirana, Albania for $1,580 round trip. If I add Stuttgart, West Germany from Tirana, Albania, the ticket adds an additional $1,000. Why? It's a short distance between the two cities, relatively speaking.
    • It's simply to do with the fact that there aren't many airlines offering that route really. No competition, no one to push the price down. I speak from experience - I am currently living in Bulgaria and a flight to somewhere like Croatia or Czech Republic (both relatively close) is much more expensive than a flight to Madrid or London. I've lived in other countries too and it's pretty much the same everywhere.
  • cheap Tickets from Detroit to Albania ? lots of airline questions.? **4 tickets from DTW airport in Detroit to TIA in Tirana, Albania .. **No more than 1,200-1,300 <---that's including taxes and fees ** It is ROUNDTRIP. **Dates from June 21 thru july 26 of this year. <--- those dates might change - possibly. ** Airline comapanies on-line-- we tried orbitz, travelocity, kayak, airgorilla, all major airline(northwest-delta-ect.) Priceline, we practically tried them all, but if there are sites that do sell cheap, put a link please. **We tried all agencies near and around us they sell them more than 2 grand . **What is pricelines name your own price? People say they choose your dates and give you bad layover times? **When is best to buy? - NOW around march - april? or LATER- around May - June? I know those are alot of questions but try to answers as many as possible thank you :)
    • Try using ITA's Matrix for the search. Another option is to fly to another airport from which there are direct flights to Tirana (say, Moscow). This can sometimes save quite some bucks.
  • I want to buy an iPhone 3G in Albania? Hey, I want to buy an iPhone 3G . I live in Tirana ,Albania,and I'm not really sure if there is any Apple Store here. Can you tell me the address of a store where I can buy the iPhone 3G? Do Euronics and Neptun Shops have iPhones? If yes, can you tell me the prices? Thank You :)
    • Hello. Well, they don't make iPhone 3G now because there is a newer version of it, 3GS, and also the newest one, 4, out in the market. In Albania there is an Apple Store in Tirana (where you live). Check these links: So, there must be a version of these two. This is its adress 'Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, Tek Sky Tower, Tirana, Albania' As for Euronics and Neptun Shops, yes, they do have iPhones and probably in stock. The price of an iPhone varies and depends on the storage capacity. Just search through the net (use Google) and you'll se what I mean. Wish you good luck. Hope I helped.
    • Me duket se i vetmi dyqan zyrtar gjendet tek Sky Tower.
  • I am going to move with my husband to Albania for 2-3 years ......? I was searching on the internet about "standard living in albania" I read many things about the country, custom, currency etc....I have seen beautiful pic and I must say I am impressed how beautiful it is there.... but I could not find anything about "monthly expenses" such as : renting and apartment: (empty, furnished, semi furnished furniture: I might by my furniture there.... groceries: supermarkets etc clothing: transportation: we might bring our own car "gas prices" electricity, water, heating... I also have pets, am I allowed to bring them into the country?.... I cant find any prices "numbers" on how much is the average living (most likely in tirana).... it would be great if anyone can give me some information about that....
    • I live in Kosovo, not in Albania, but it's sort of the same thing. Albania is a lot like Italy, but a little less civilized in the country side. Here's a currency converter: The money there is Lek. Yes. You're allowed to bring pets into the country. Renting: If you're looking for a good place in Tirana it would probably be like... 700 US Dollars a month. Furniture: The furniture isn't that expensive.. same as any other place in the world. Groceries: Yes... they have supermarkets.... not THAT uncivilized... Transportation: A dollar per gallon.. that's how much it is in Kosovo (not that sure about albania) Electricity: They might turn of the electricity at some time or another.. same with the water... Have fun... Almost everybody there speaks english and italian... I'm sure you'll have the time of your life ;)
  • t p
    taxi fare Tirana Albania? Anyone know the approx. taxi fare from Tirana airport Albania into Tirana town. Trying to get some idea, so I can negotiate the price with the usual east European rip-off Taxi mafia.
    • Hi, It is about 23-28 EUR, depending on the time of the day (night hours are usually more expensive, therefore around 27-28 EUR). It lasts about 20 minutes to arrive to the city center. I wouldn't say "rip-off" at all, gas price is the same all around the world, and "mafia" would be rather way too exagerated; lived here all my life and haven't heard about any taxi mafia in Albania so far.
  • Are any of the busses from Dubrovnik-tirana-athens pre-bookable or do you just have to book on arrival? I'm going to be travelling through Coratia and hoping to go through to Greece after, I know after much searching that it's not going to be the easiest trip, and think that I've settled on the route Dubrovnik-tirana-Athens on bus. I'm just wondering though whether you just have to turn up and get your tickets on arrival, or whether any of these are pre-bookable, and through who? I can't seem to find any sites that show either timetables or prices.
    • Most likely you have to turn up and buy your ticket. If your itinerary is commencing in Dubrovnik you can look it up in the Other Europe section. From Tirana I don't think it will be much of a problem since many buses from Greece are going there daily and even more during weekends.
Aksidentohet Ministri i Shëndetësisë. Automjeti zyrtar jashtë rrezikut për skrap
Panairi i 5-të i Produkteve Turke
Veteranët e UCK reagojnë kundër deklaratës së Haxhinastos. Vijon sqarimi i kryeministrit Berisha
Berisha: Lek Plepi nuk do të jetë kandidati ynë për Bashkinë e Tiranës, por i ofrojmë të jetë këshilltar i fushatës së Lul Bashës.
Tivoli Club i pranishem ne Trade-AL
Usluga Shpk, e pranishme ne Trade-AL
Berisha: Lek Plepi nuk do të jetë kandidati ynë për Bashkinë e Tiranës, por i ofrojmë të jetë këshilltar i fushatës së Lul Bashës.
Nice place, fair prices, free WiFi, best location
Berisha: Na e solli ters kjo Japonia. Sapo do ndërtoja centralin bërthamor
Kompania Euro Projekt Plus i anetaresuar ne Trade-AL

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