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Beer 6 pack
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Starbucks Grand Latte
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Chanel No. 5
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new Mini Cooper One
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  • Sam
    Suggest some best car around 5lacs to 6 lacs in India of course? Suggest some best car around 5lacs to 6 lacs in India of course
    • I would like you to check-out the recently launched Hyundai Xcent compact sedan. It is one of the most fuel-efficient and feature-rich compact sedans available in India. It is available in both petrol and diesel. The petrol version is priced between Rs. 4.16 lakh to 7.19 lakh and the diesel version of this car starts from Rs. 5.56 lakh and goes up to Rs. 7.38 lakh. The petrol Xcent is powered by an 1197cc Kappa MPi VTVT, which develops maximum power of 81.9 Bhp @ 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 114 Nm @ 4000 rpm. It is available with 2 transmission options: 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. The diesel Xcent is available only with manual gearbox and it is powered by a 1120cc U2 2nd Gen. CRDi engine, with maximum power of 71 Bhp @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 180 Nm @ 1750 rpm. Hyundai Xcent is available in six shades: Pure white, Passion Red, Twilight Blue, Pristine Blue, Sleek Silver and Phantom Black.
  • On what basis one should sell ad space on a website? My website is getting upto 2 lacs of monthly traffic, many advertiser has contacted me for putting their banner and i didn’t accepted their problem. Because, i don’t know, how this works. I mean, how to set a price for particular size of banner, or there any kind of formula like visitor is divided by space and which equal to so and so amount e.g: visitor/space=amount. Can anyone tell me, how much i should ask for?
    • I have doubts that your 5 month old site is getting enough traffic to make it worthwhile to host advertising, ads don't help your search ranking. Some small bloggers offer small banner spaces for a flat $10 a month, bigger traffic sites typically offer per 1000 impression ( CPM) priced ads, $0.50 for the lowest quality sites, $5 per thousands for more respectable sites. Review the rates on banner ad brokers like or, note the traffic estimates provided by the webmasters.
  • How do they earn by photo shoot ?....and how much ? Hi please read full before answering. :) I've a friend who's a learning photographer. He wanted me to find out that how photographers earn by photo shoot. I've seen actresses who charge more than Rs. 5 lac for a photo shoot and I know that photographers earn by selling these stock photos but how much they earn after paying such a huge amount to a model and who purchases these photos. Amount given to model plus amount given to editor, costume designer, etc. How do they manage it.
    • If you have to pay a model, you'd need to increase the price of the image to cover the costs, so you can make a profit. Otherwise you'd be out of pocket. Whether or not someone will want to buy it is a completely different question. How much they will pay will depend on what they think it's worth. How long is a piece of string???!!!
  • Home Loan - How to show Home Loan in the Tax declaration form? How to get Tax benefits on the Home Loan? Hi All, I am from India, I am working at Hyderabad but I am from Bangalore, so I am buying an apartment at Bangalore at a price 29.5 lacs on Home loan. I am staying in a rented house in Hyderabad. My total CTC is 5.5 lacs per annum. Now can Claim Principal loan amount and EMI amount in the Tax declaration form for getting tax benefit?. [Possession of the apartment will be in the moth of August 2014] Kindly enlighten me regarding declaration of Home loan - both principal amount and EMI amount in the tax declaration form.
    • EMI contains repayment of principle amount and interest portion. For the first few years the interest portion will be more than the principle amount. Your home loan provider will give you the details for how much you have paid towards interest and how much for principle amount. Accordingly you have to show them in your tax returns. Interest portion has to be shown under the head Income from House Property and the principle repayment (Sec.80C) under "Deductions under chapter VI A" Read more about Home Loan Tax benefits in the website given below.
  • I am having a Toyota Qualis Car model 2003 how much price I can say to a buyer? Toyota Quails car is in very good condition model 2003. regarding price pl adv me.
    • it is 10 years old and toyata has stopped its production. so i think you can charge upto 3.5 lac. Experience: i brought 2006 model Innova in 5.5 lac 3 years ago. it was 1.5 lac km distance covered. it means i brought that in 2010 and if i sale it today even then i can sale with same price because i have high model and its price increased to 10.5 lac to 13 lac and company still doing its production. Sale qualis soon
  • which car is best to buy? Hi so I dont know anything about cars, i need help in deciding for a car to buy. I need explanations for the cars that have something wrong with them. Why would that car be better??
    • I wouldn't buy the saturn because the seller uses all caps which means he's stupid and stupid people don't maintain their cars. It also has minor problems, whatever that means. The honda and red cavalier look decent and could be good if they have maintenance records so you know they were taken care of. The blue cavalier is bad because if you look at the picture it's sitting in a repo lot or garage. I wouldn't even consider the durango because it needs a piston ring for cylinder 7 or a new head gasket which would be really expensive. I'd look at this. It's in your price range and looks really clean. If it has maintenance records i'd strongly consider getting it.
  • car
    plz suggest me a used car.? I want to purchase a second hand honda city in mumbai. How is this car for given price of 650000?
    • prefer lancer becoz it gives good pick up, may be it could cost 2 lac.
  • Which Car in India has safer Body strength ? These days in India, lots of cars comes in cheaper price But now they compromise in its Body strength Cars, Body can be damaged easily even if a cycle hits once my Dzire car's roof damaged,when it flipped through because of sudden break since then I am looking for a safer car we used to hear about Ambassador car's Body strength since 80's But in new car VW sales person says their car's roof won't damage in such circumstances You can't believe a sales person so don't know whom to believe My Budget can't go over 6 lac so suggest me sedan cars or hatchback with good body(apart from Ambassador) even I will purchase older car with less budget (3 lac) how older/km run, cars are good? TELL ME CARS WITH GOOD BODY IN INDIA
    • You can't have a car with both strength and safety. It can only have one or the other (or neither). Cars with great strength are very dangerous. The car might survive, but the humans inside die. When an accident has to damage something, it's much better to damage the car than the humans. Cars sold in the U.S. and Canada are intentionally made to crumple easily, because the crumpling of the car saves the lives of the humans in the car.
  • Which is better in tata manza ex and ford fiesta 1.4 tdci? I want to buy a used car as my budget is not more than 3 lacs.I I hv tried to find used car within this budget on internet. I find many option here, fiat linea, tata manza, ford fiesta etc,.I want a sedan in diesel, with more safty feature,. Linea has not good reviews here. Manza's comfort, power,and safty features, attracts me. Fiesta's 1.4 tdci is told better than 1.5..All this confused me alot. So pliz suggest me,
    • Are u kidding me???? The ford is better It has a 1.4 litre tdi engine For that price range u wouldnt get a car as good and fast as the second option would be the linea
  • I need rs 75 lacks loan. i have property worth of 50 lacs .?
    • You are having a property, but you alone cannot estimate its price. The government officials decide the value of land, taking in consideration various factors. For taking a mortgage loan, DealsofLoan gives better deals and instant approval.

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