During several researches I’ve had to search the internet to find publicly available official data of prices of products and services. It’s not always an easy task, if you need to find global or foreign data.

To make the task easier for other researchers, analysts, students etc, I’ll use this blog post to collect the links to such databases. I’m also counting on the contributions of readers to constantly grow this list in time. Please post here comments about other data sources, if you know any. Thank you in advance!

Here are the sources in my list today:

Energy prices

European Union: www.energy.eu

US Energy Information Administration

Fuel (gasoline) prices

Pump price for diesel (Worldbank)

Pump price for gasoline (Worldbank)

US gasoline prices (updated daily)

EU fuel prices (updated monthly)

Consumer Price Indices

OECD data in Google

OECD Indices of Price Levels in Google

US CPI data (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

European Union data


Car prices in Europe (European Commission) – added on 07.Nov 2010